Monday, July 21, 2008

Recycling Plastic Grocery Bags

When I was 7 or so my grandmother taught me how to crochet with plarn (plastic yarn). I didn’t do much with the knowledge until about 5 or 6 months ago. I was over run with plastic bags and decided to try and make a purse. I have sold 4 of them so far. And am having fun with the different varieties that I have been making. When I get some free time I am going to make some and sell them in my etsy store.

The first one I did I don’t have pictured, I use it to haul all of my plarn around in.

The tan and white one was second one that I made. it was made from Safeway bags and just the white part of Wal-Mart bags. This is the one that sold me 4 bags. People seen it and wanted one.

My third bag was the white and yellow bag. I made from Wal-Mart bags and Grocery Outlet bags (a local discount store). I loved how it turned out.

The forth bag I made is bigger. The lady that wanted it wanted one to take with her to the swimming pool. She wanted something she could put clothes and a towel in and not worry about the bag getting wet (these dry very well, just hang them up). By far my favorite. Probably because it is hard to come by blue bags. I have one more to make and it will be similar to this bag here. I have enough of the blue left to make one more. The striping will be different as I don’t want any of my bags to be the same.

Let me see what you can make out of recycled bags. This is are a very fun medium to play with.

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