Friday, July 16, 2010

My New Flowerbed!!!

Okay I am very excited. I have been planning a flower bed along the back of my house for over a year. My hubby was off of work all last week and it became a reality. I know it is allot of pictures to load but I just have to show it off.

This is a before picture of where i want the flower bad to be.

Here is my hubby tilling the new garden bed so I can plant my flowers.

Here is what it looks like after we finished. It was a long day but I am so glad to have the new flower bed. In a couple of years it will look awesome!!
We worked so hard. now the recycle part…..

1. the ornamental grass came from a lady that was moving, I got it for a song.

2. The scumetia (bush with berries) I got from the same lady for just as cheap

3. got the trellis from a friend that was going to take it to the dump.

4. two clematis flowers from a friend (she didn’t want them and they were really root bound in their pots).

5. Bleeding heart I moved from another flower bed were it was getting too much sun.

6. Lucifer tails I got from a girlfriend that thinned hers out last fall

7. the border bricks I got at my local dump thrift shop for 50 cents each..cost 7 bucks.

the only thing I bought at the store was two packs of creeping myrtle for a ground cover and it was 7 bucks for both pots of it.

I love sitting out back now and looking at my very cheap but labor intensive flower bed. My hubby has been fighting me about putting it in, now that it is done he told me that I planned it very well and he likes it….Happy Dance!!!!

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